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SCIE 등재 국제저널 Sensors, 논문 게재 – 정가영, 이종훈


· 저널 : Sensors, Vol.21, No. 9, 2021, https://doi.org/10.3390/s21093164
· 논문제목 : “Tracklet Pair Proposal and Context Reasoning for Video Scene Graph Generation”
· 저자 : 정가영, 이종훈, 김인철
· 요약: Video scene graph generation (ViDSGG), the creation of video scene graphs that helps in deeper and better visual scene understanding, is a challenging task. Segment-based and sliding-window based methods have been proposed to perform this task. However, they all have certain limitations. This study proposes a novel deep neural network model called VSGG-Net for video scene graph generation. The model uses a sliding window scheme to detect object tracklets of various lengths throughout the entire video. In particular, the proposed model presents a new tracklet pair proposal method that evaluates the relatedness of object tracklet pairs using a pretrained neural network and statistical information. To effectively utilize the spatio-temporal context, low-level visual context reasoning is performed using a spatio-temporal context graph and a graph neural network as well as high-level semantic context reasoning. To improve the detection performance for sparse relationships, the proposed model applies a class weighting technique that adjusts the weight of sparse relationships to a higher level. This study demonstrates the positive effect and high performance of the proposed model through experiments using the benchmark dataset VidOR and VidVRD.