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2018 추계학술발표대회

2018.11.2(금) ~ 11.3(토)

· Seokjune Lee, Incheol Kim, "Combining Task and Motion Planning for Grasping Obstructed Object", 2018
· Donghyeop Shin, Incheol Kim, "Scene Graph Generation by Exploring in Three-Dimensional Space", 2018
· Jaeyun Lee, Giho Lee, Incheol Kim, “Design and Implementation of Episodic Memory for Context Management”, 2018
· Eunjin Jung, Sangjoon Lee, Incheol Kim, “Combining Imitation Learning with Reinforcement Learning for Efficient Manipulation Policy Acquisition”, 2018

  • 주최 : 한국정보처리학회
  • 장소 : 부경대학교 대연캠퍼스
  • 참가인원 : 이석준(박사), 신동협(석사), 이기호(학부), 이상준(학부), 이재윤(학부), 정은진(학부)
  • 수상 : 우수논문상- 신동협